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This tab is mainly for building/editing a series of outreaches called Steps in Revenue Grid. Step is a scheduled action to reach out a prospect. There is no limit how many Steps can a Sequence consist of. Once a Sequence is activated, added prospects (recipients) will start getting reached out starting from Step 1 in ascending order.

In the current version of Revenue Grid, there are 5 types of Steps you can add to a Sequence:

Add a step

Click to start adding a step to a sequence.

Refer to the comprehensive step-by-step instructions on how to add a step.

Clone, view to edit, and delete a step

Use More option menu on the right-hand side of a step to clone, view to edit, or delete it.

⚠️ Delete option is disabled if at least one recipient has ever been scheduled for the step.

A/B testing

A/B test different approaches and compare results. Create another up to 3 versions of a step, and recipients will be randomly distributed among the versions.

Subject of the both versions stay the same.

For the integrity of Statistics, you cannot delete a version if at least one recipient has received it. Same applies to Steps in general as well. Pause it once you don't need it.

Quick stat of a Sequence

Stat of your sequence: Replied percentage; Total number of steps; Total number of days within which these steps are planned to get done from the first step to the last one; Percentage of steps which are automated and will be sent out without your intervention.

Automatic vs Manual type of a step

How does each of these types work?

Automatic steps get send out right on its schedule without user's manual review. It can be an Email or SMS type of a step. How do you make it automatic? Unselect the "Review and personalize this step" checkbox.

Whereas manual type of a step generates a separate To-do item per each recipient. To-do items appear in the Action Center.


Use with caution! Say you have 1000 recipients in a sequence and select the "Review and personalize this step" checkbox, then you will get 1000 To-do items every single one of which you will need to review and send out manually.

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