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Searching For Existing Salesforce Records via the Sidebar

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RG Email Sidebar Add-In / Chrome Extension Sidebar allows the users to instantly find records of any type in Salesforce to do a quick data check or to save a business email or Calendar activity with.


See this article to learn how to create new Salesforce records directly from your email client using RG Email Sidebar


With RG Email Sidebar Add-in, you can easily search among all your Salesforce records: Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities, Leads, Activities (Tasks and Calendar events), Support Cases, or any custom Salesforce object types peculiar to your Org.

To search for existing Salesforce records, do the following:

1. In RG Email Sidebar Add-In/Google extension, click the search icon in the upper right corner of the Sidebar, then enter your search criteria in the Search in box.


After you click on the Search In box, you will see 5 records that you worked with recently


2. In the picklist of record types, select the record type you want to search for. To search for records of all types, select Salesforce. The search results will be shown as record cards, also displaying the values in the records’ key fields to make it possible to differentiate among similar records.


You can search for records by parts of a word in records’ key fields, but at least 3 characters must be entered in the search field


>>> Click to see an animation <<<



Why an existing record might be absent in search results?

​ If you do not see a record you need in search results, make sure to check the following RGES customization settings for this object type:
​ • The Hide on search checkbox
​ • Global search and Contextual search filters
​ • The Search By field
​ • If searching for an item associated with an internal (in-org) email address, also make sure that the Include internal emails into search results setting is enabled


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