Incredibly smart Revenue Signals to navigate you to the best sales game

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One of the major features of Revenue Grid are these automatically, or manually generated Signals. They are intelligently guiding collective efforts towards winning deals. The Signals notify you about critical occurrences so accountable employees don't miss a thing and always stay on top of the game.

Every Signal has it’s score

Score of a signal varies from -5 to +5, where -5 is extremely bad impact on winning a deal and +5 is a big push forward towards winning a deal. Upon receiving, it adds up to the overall score of an Opportunity.

Out of the box Signals

Even though you can create custom Signals which would fit precisely your Playbook, the list of Out-of-the-box Signals is pretty far-reaching. Here are some Signal types you get as soon as you deploy Revenue Grid:

• Team effort cost exceeds the deal potential amount
• Forecast accuracy: Close date is in 2 days while the stage is 15%
• Closed deals summary: 2 opportunities worth $1,800 were closed today (Sep 22, 2021)
• No response from John Smith for 5 days
• No response to John Smith for 5 days
• New response received from John Doe
• Follow up reminder after the event
• No interaction with the open opportunity since Apr 24th

How do you get notified

When new Signals are generated, selected employees may get notified via Slack, via MS Teams, via Revenue Grid widgets embedded in Salesforce, via browser notifications, or via Revenue Grid mobile app on iOS and Android devices.

Handling Signals

Here is what options you have when it comes to handling the signals.

Escalate - puts the signals to the high importance category.

Resolved - marks the signals as done.

Mute for this Oppty - mutes specifically this signal type for the opportunity going forward.

Mute for all Oppties - mutes specifically this signal type for ALL opportunities going forward.

Mute all signals for this Oppty - mutes all signals associated with the opportunity for good.

Copy link to clipboard - copies a direct link to the signal.

Open is Salesforce - opens a dedicated page of the signal in SFDC

Chat with signal owner - opens up a direct chat with the owner of the signal owner.

Dismiss - removes the signal from the tab.

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