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Troubleshooting Dashboard Widgets Errors


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This article is an addition to the main RG Email Sidebar Widgets setup article. It describes possible errors and misconfiguration cases and their solutions.


Widgets set How the issue manifests in Salesforce interface Issue explanation Solution
Revenue Grid No error message; Revenue Grid logon dialogue is displayed Tenant misconfig; more than one tenant was created during configuration Contact our Support team
Revenue Grid “Account not provisioned as Revenue Grid user, so you cannot access Revenue Grid User panel (SFA-011)” No ServerSyncTenantUrl value or a wrong value entered.
Possibly a mismatch of accounts used to access the Add-In and the Widget.
Also occurs if RGES Sync Engine was not activated for the user, so the user does not exist in the tenant
Perform the three Setup Steps afresh; make sure user is logged into the Add-In with the same Salesforce account as one for which the widgets are configured.
If that does not help, ask our Support team to check that RGES Sync is activated for the user in the proper tenant
Revenue Grid or Revenue Grid No error message; Visualforce frame in Salesforce interface is blank ServerSyncTenantUrl value has no trailing slash / character, so it is unusable in the system.
RevenueGridTenantUrl value has a trailing slash / character that makes it unusable in the system.
Perform the three Setup Steps afresh; make sure there [u]is[/u] a slash / characterΒ at the end of the ServerSyncTenantUrl valueΒ and there [u]is no[/u] slash / character at the end ofΒ the RevenueGridTenantUrl value
Revenue Grid No error message; a “Table and chair” Import to Revenue Engage picture is displayed on Contacts importing to Revenue Grid Several possible causes:
No Email field value on Lead / Contact cards;
Possibly the Lead / Contact was imported to RG through a .csv file
Check; Make sure that Email address value is present in Lead and Contact record cards in Salesforce;
Make sure there is no duplicate for this Lead/Contact in RG and press on “Import to Revenue Engage”.
If that does not help, please report to our Support team
Revenue Grid or Revenue Grid “Message:” The requested resource does not support http method ‘GET’“ A configuration step was performed incorrectly Perform the Setup Steps afresh
Revenue Grid or Revenue Grid “No permissions to view namespace [REVGRD] and the API [InvisibleSuite]” notifications The roles Standard User and mail server Administrator were not enabled with checkmarks on widgets configuring Enable both these roles for Salesforce profiles, as described in this article



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