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Revenue Grid Sync and iPhone / iPad Contacts App Issue


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This issue is specific to iOS and does not occur on devices using Android, MacOS, or Windows OS

If you do either of the following:

  • activate RGES sync for a corporate MS Exchange / Office 365 account which is already logged in MS Outlook Mobile on your iPhone/iPad

  • log on to your corporate email account with enabled Revenue Grid Synchronization in MS Outlook Mobile on your iPhone/iPad

that may result in new contacts (phone numbers, email addresses, etc.) you add to the iPhone getting transferred into your Salesforce Org.
The cause of this behavior is how the default Contacts iOS app handles new contacts: by default, this app is saving new contacts you add to the iPhone with the set Default Account, also auto-selecting all custom categories (Groups) available in this email account to be assigned to them on saving, including the custom Salesforce category tracked by RGES sync.
Thus, if your corporate MS Exchange / Office 365 email account with active RGES Sync is set as Default on your iPhone, these contacts will subsequently be auto-saved in your Salesforce Org, as that is the pattern of Contacts handling by RGES sync.

To prevent that, make sure that another email account is set as default one in your iPhone instead of the corporate email account synced with Salesforce:

  1. Open iPhone Settings
  2. Select Contacts
  3. Tap Default Account
  4. Select a personal account instead of the MS Exchange / Office 365 corporate one
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