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Stale Thread Reminder Revenue Intelligence Feature

For users of the Email Sidebar on:


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This special feature is available only for those users who have a more advanced Revenue Grid license with Revenue Signals


Revenue Grid, being an integral component of Revenue Grid revenue intelligence solution, also includes tools for enhancing business email communication. Stale Thread Reminder is one of these features.
This feature addresses a common issue that affects prospects engagement communication and other kind of multi-step business correspondence. For example, it is very handy in case a prospect expresses a preliminary interest and then gets carried away by other matters, putting your business communication on an indefinite hold.

After the Reminder feature is enabled, an extra tab (section) Reminder is added to RG Email Sidebar:


Like other tabs (sections, separators), the Reminder tab can be moved up or down in the Sidebar or pinned to be displayed even when it’s empty.



What Stale Thread Reminder does

  • In RG Email Sidebar: after the Reminder is set for an email, the tab signals when a follow up is needed to bolster the conversation. A thread is considered stale if the recipient does not respond in it within a set time period
  • In MS Exchange / Office 365: stale email threads pop up to the top of MS Outlook Inbox with automatic “forward to self” email copies which include a text “You need to follow up on this email” in order to get noticed as priority ones for bolstering



To set the Reminder

1. Select an email belonging to a thread that you want to monitor for future bolstering if there is no response


Note that the Reminder works only for emails selected in MS Outlook in Read mode in the folders Inbox or Sent


2. Open the Reminder tab in RGES

3. Set the date and time when the Reminder should trigger if there is no response in the thread and click Apply

Now the Reminder is set; if you later decide to cancel it, select the email again and click Cancel



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