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Sales visualization with Forecast Chart

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Revenue Grid Forecast Chart is intended for better visualization of your company’s sales process over the specified period.

Using this chart, managers can track both the performance of individual users and the whole org. It can also be used to spot and analyze sales trends.

Focus on the forecast figures that matter

Click on any part of the column to see the opportunities constructing it

Click on any color in the Forecast Chart’s table to see the Opportunities that constitute the corresponding figure in the chart. The Opportunities appear in the section below.

Compare different fiscal periods using Forecast Chart

See how the current/previous/next quarter compares to the previous quarters.

To enable the compare view:

  1. Click on the Compare toggle in the upper right corner
  2. Select the comparison periods from the Close Date drop-down lists.

The chart shows week by week comparison, that is the first week of the previous quarter and the first week of the current fiscal quarter.

In this way, the managers can compare the situations over different sales periods to identify any similarities and detect any tendencies in revenue leakage.

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