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Managed Package Installation Failed with the This Package Can’t be Installed Error

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While installing the Revenue Grid Managed Package, you may face the issue when you are redirected to the installation status page or receive an email notification with the following error details:

(Update_Custom_Setting-8) get_tenant_url (Action) – We can’t find an action with the name and action type that you specified


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Installation status page

Email notification


This problem occurs on installing the managed package to Salesforce Professional Edition. This Salesforce edition does not include the Web Services API component that is necessary for the Revenue Grid Solution to make the callout and populate the custom setting automatically. However, this component can be enabled by Salesforce for an additional fee.



How to handle the issue

To handle the problem, make sure that you are using the Salesforce Professional Edition. Refer to this Salesforce Help article to find out which edition you are using.

The Revenue Grid Managed Package can operate without the Web Services API component, therefore, a separate managed package version was explicitly developed for Salesforce Professional Edition users.


You can get the latest version of the managed package for Salesforce Professional Edition here:



If the issue still persist

If the installation of the managed package version for Salesforce Professional Edition failed too, the problem requires additional investigation by our support team. The support team may ask you to check and provide the following details:

  • Check the Salesforce edition you are using

  • Try to run the managed package installation using the System Administrator profile user

  • Go to Setup > Deployment Status: View Details page and check additional details of the unsuccessful installation attempt



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