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Mass Deleting of RG Email Sidebar Add-In in Microsoft 365 Admin Center

[admin-level article]

For users of the Email Sidebar on:

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In some cases, you may need to mass delete RG Email Sidebar for users in your organization. For example, when migrating between instances.

After a Global or Exchange admin deploys add-ins for users in an organization, they can delete the Add-In Microsoft 365 admin center. Follow the instructions provided in this Microsoft help article or in the section below to do this.

The option described below is suitable only for admin-managed Add-In, i.e., when RG Email Sidebar was installed by an admin.

If the add-in was user-installed from the Office Store or .xml manifest file, admins cannot delete it. Instead, users must do it on their own, following the steps described in this article.

To delete the admin-managed Add-In:

1. Open Microsoft 365 Admin Center

2. Go to Settings

3. Select Integrated apps

4. Find and select the RG Email Sidebar Add-In

5. Click on Remove Add-In

6. Confirm your choice by selecting Remove

After taking these steps, RG Email Sidebar will be uninstalled in end-users’ mailboxes.

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