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How to Revoke a Mailbox Access Token

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MS Exchange or Office 365 Mailbox access token revoking is sometimes required on RGES Sync Engine troubleshooting, specifically if Sync was misconfigured or a user account was moved to another RGES tenant.  

To revoke RGES Sync access Token for Office 365 mailboxes


Depending on your MS Office 365 or Exchange configuration, the access token revoking procedure might require contacting your local mail server Admin. See this Microsoft article for more information


1. Open the direct link and log on to O365, if needed


2. Select App permissions in the navigation pane on the left


3. Click Revoke under Revenue Inbox the the main pane


4. Log out from RGES Add-In and then log in again


Now the access token has been revoked and you need to activate RGES Sync engine afresh providing all required permissions to resume its functioning.



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