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How to Change Email Address in Your Product Account (Office 365)

For users of the Email Sidebar on:


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If your main email address has changed and you need to set up the new email address to be used in RG Email Sidebar, do the following:

1. Log out from RG Email Sidebar in MS Outlook: click the ☰ Menu button and select Log Out


2. Clear the cache and cookies in your web browser

3. Log in to RG Email Sidebar using the new email address and open ☰ Menu > Sync Settings

4. In the Synchronization panel opened in your web browser, open Sync Settings > E-Mail configuration and click Change in the bottom right corner of the page:


5. Select the option Office 365


6. At this point, please enter the new account’s credentials. This way you will establish the connection between your Salesforce and Office 365 email address


In case of an error message on the final step, please contact Revenue Grid support team by email for assistance.


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