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How to Configure Attachments Saving in Salesforce

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Refer to this article for an overview of how files attached to emails/meetings are handled by RG Email Sidebar



Note that saving attachments as Content documents (Files) is not yet supported for events.

There are two different object types used for storing email attachments in Salesforce, Content document (File) (in both Lightning Experience and Salesforce Classic) and Attachment (representing the the older approach used in Salesforce Classic). The differences between them are summarized in this table (check the columns CRM Content and Attachments respectively).

Using Salesforce Content documents, the recommended way, allows to avoid duplication of stored files and to optimize Salesforce storage use, while Salesforce Attachments are used only when the first option is not available. To determine which type is used for storing attachments in your Org, see this Forcetalk thread.

Depending on what kind of object is used for storing attachments in your Salesforce, to set up attachment saving via RG Email Sidebar you need to enable the respective object in the central column _Objects in RG Email Sidebar on Customization page.

To set up attachments setting via RG Email Sidebar, open Customization page, find the Content document (File) or Attachment type in the left pane Objects in Salesforce and select the checkbox next to it. The object will be added to the central column, all its settings and fields automatically populated. If both object types are selected, Content document (File) will prevail, so if your Salesforce Org uses Attachment objects, make sure that the other box is disabled. And keep in mind that if neither object type is enabled RG Email Sidebar will not be able to save attached files in Salesforce.

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