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Dashboard Widgets Prerequisite: My Domain in Salesforce

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This article is an addition to the main Revenue Grid Salesforce managed package setup article. It describes how to configure the possibility to embed custom Canvas App widgets and dashboards into regular user or Admin user interfaces in a Salesforce Org.


Refer to this Salesforce article for the list of web browsers officially compatible with Salesforce Canvas widgets



Configure My Domain for Your Salesforce Org

A crucial prerequisite is to configure My Domain for your Salesforce Org in advance, as most Org Admins skip doing that. See this Salesforce guide or follow the instructions below to configure it.

My Domain serves as a native Salesforce framework that allows embedding custom widgets like Revenue Grid / RG Email Sidebar. My Domain is also required to install RGES Managed Package.


Salesforce automatically assigns a default a domain name to any newly created org. However, it’s recommended to change the default domain to the custom one to prevent any issues with using the full scope of Revenue Grid managed package functionality.

Complete configuration Steps 1-4 to set up My Domain:

Setup Step 1

  • Log in to Salesforce with Admin credentials
  • Switch to Lightning Experience as described in this Salesforce article
  • Click the Gear (Setup Menu) icon in the upper right corner of the page to open Salesforce Setup menu
  • In the Quick Search field in the upper left corner, type “My Domain” to quickly find the necessary setting



Setup Step 2

  • On My Domain Settings page, click Edit

  • Generate a relevant domain for your Org and enter it into My Domain Name field


  • After that, click Check Availability to see if you can use this domain name


  • If the name is not available, generate another available one


  • If the name is available, click Save button


  • Next, the domain provisioning will start



Setup Step 3

  • As soon as the domain is set up and provisioned, you’ll receive a confirmation email in Salesforce Admin’s mailbox
>>> Click to see a screenshot <<<


  • Refresh My Domain page in your web browser to make sure it works

  • Now the button Deploy New Domain becomes active, click it to finish My Domain configuring



Setup Step 4

  • Once you click Deploy New Domain button, you will be automatically redirected to Salesforce Log In page.

  • It is not recommended to adjust any other My Domain configuration settings

  • After all required actions are performed, you will see that the domain name on My Donain Settings has changed:



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