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Handling Synchronization Issues

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When using RGES Sync functions, sometimes you may encounter certain mailbox → Salesforce data syncing issues, which can be monitored via Revenue Grid Sync dashboard to be resolved. Also refer to this article for detailed information on Sync error codes.

  • Issues. Synchronization issues are logged in the tab when RGES Sync Engine encounters conflicts between synchronized data sources or due to less obvious reasons. Every issue’s log usually includes a sync error code or notification returned by RG Email Sidebar and indicates the source of the error. Also see this article for a table of possible Sync errors


  • Account credentials changed. Occurs if your Salesforce or MS Exchange / Office 365/Gmail credentials were changed and RG Email Sidebar can no longer access your data. See the section below Credentials renewing for more information



Additional information about each Sync issue can be found in the Dashboard. If your local Admin cannot resolve the issue locally, you can get our Support Team‘s assistance by clicking the Help me resolve this issue button under an issue and submitting a detailed description including error codes and screenshots by email.
In addition, for cases when RG Email Sidebar is unable to access your Salesforce or mailbox data or when data syncing fails for 10 times consecutively, you will receive a notification email informing about the need for action to resolve the issue and resume data syncing.


In case a persistent Sync issue occurs, for example due to Sync misconfiguration or user account switching to another tenant, see this article to learn how to revoke Sync data authorization token. After that, re-activate Sync for the mailbox.



How to Investigate Synchronization Issues

A synchronization issue occurs when RG Email Sidebar is unable to synchronize data between Salesforce and Microsoft Exchange / Office 365 / Gmail due to some reason. In many cases, these issues are caused by required data unavailability on email server side, e.g. missing Contact key fields values, like Last name, or by specific Salesforce rules that may prevent users from editing or deleting records of certain types.

When a Sync issue occurs, RG Email Sidebar notifies the concerned users in the following ways:

  • In MS Outlook, the item for which a Sync issue occurred is assigned two custom categories: a red “Sync Error” category and a white category providing extra details


In Gmail mail client, the item for which a Sync issue occurred is assigned a red marker (Events) or a custom label “Salesforce Emails/Sync Error”


  • Information about logged sync issues is displayed on the Issues tab of RG Email Sidebar’s Dashboard. To view issues for a certain processed item type: under Issues, select issue type. Note that you can instantly view the Salesforce (or MS Exchange) item that caused the issue by clicking the Salesforce or Exchange icon on the right




To resolve a synchronization issue
  • If the issue occurred because a required (key) field was left empty, fill in the missing key fields
  • Consult the table of Sync error codes for a solution
  • For the cases when an issue cannot be resolved locally, it is recommended to contact our Support and CSM team: you can click the Help me resolve this issue button and send a report; make sure to include details and screenshots, when applicable



Note that when you are using RG Email Sidebar there should be no other software running that performs data transfer between MS Exchange and Salesforce API (e.g. Salesforce Lightning sync, Salesforce Inbox, Salesforce for Outlook, etc.) Running different MS Exchange – Salesforce sync applications simultaneously will cause sync conflicts and items duplication. If you encounter this kind of unexpected behavior, please check that with your Salesforce admin or, if you are a Salesforce admin, check for such software in the following places:
1. Salesforce Setup > Apps > App Manager
2. Connected Apps
3. Salesforce Login History. After you find apps which cause sync conflicts, please refer to this Salesforce help article to learn how to disable them. Please also note that apps which use Salesforce API but do not exchange data between Salesforce and MS Exchange will not cause sync conflicts



Renewing Salesforce or Mail Data Access Credentials

If Exchange/Office 365/Gmail or Salesforce access credentials expire or get changed, RG Email Sidebar can no longer synchronize users’ data. After that happens, affected end users or their Admin receive a notification email with instructions how to re-activate the Sync Engine via the Sidebar; a corresponding notification will also appear in users’ RGES Dashboard.

Also see additional details on Salesforce access renewal in this article

To renew MS Exchange / Office 365 access for RGES Sync Engine, follow the steps provided in this article. For some cases, access token revoking may also be required.


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