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User roles and permissions in Revenue Grid

3 min read - updated few hours ago

What regular users can do vs what admins can do

A regular user can:


• Create Sequences.
Clone shared sequences created by other users.
• View sequences that have ever included recipients the user owns in Salesforce.
• View and edit own private or shared sequences.


• Add own (on Salesforce level) recipients to private or shared sequences.
• Add any accessible (on Salesforce level) recipients to private sequences.
• Can view replies from recipients and run actions on recipients if senders is the user.
• Can view the complete prospect profile of own(on Salesforce level) recipients, or limited prospect profile of recipients who have ever received an email from the user. The limitation in such case is, the user will see only those events in the History Feed, which are related to the user, other events will be hidden.

An admin can:


• View/pause/activate other user's private sequences.
• View/pause/activate/edit other user's shared sequences.


• Can view prospect profile of all recipients.


• View/pause/activate other user's private templates.
• View/pause/activate/edit other user's shared templates.

A delegatee can:

Can do everything on behalf of the delegator user.

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