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Monitor the performance of each employee with Sequences Required Actions report

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The Sequences Required Actions report enables the Sequences Admins to monitor the performance of their subordinates. Sequences Required Actions includes the full list of employees and the number of each user’s active items (replies, notifications, to-dos) in the Action Center that still require an action from the user in their Action Center.


Why is it important to monitor these figures?
The number of items in the Action Center corresponds to the number of paused sequences. Thus, the goal of each employee is to keep the number of replies, to-do items, and notifications at zero level.

Monitor the performance of every user

Click on any number in the report to open the Action center belonging to the corresponding user and look through any to-do item, notification, or reply for coaching purposes.

Admins cannot take any actions on to-do items, notifications, and replies belonging to other users. The admins can access them in the read-only mode. Such items are marked with an eye icon.

The admin can act on the to-do items belonging to another user in their Action Center, only if the user has delegated access to the admin to do so.

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