Transparent team performance on the palm of your hand

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The chart on the Revenue Grid Team page conveniently shows all your Sales representative’s activities sorted from the most active employee to the least one. You can refer to it for the purpose of sales coaching.

Colors on the chart represent types of activity, which all get gathered automatically from email clients, calendars and Salesforce. No manual entries are required.

Use the Period drop-down in the right-hand upper corner to select the time interval you want to review.

Employee details

By clicking on an employee, you get to the employee’s activity details page where you can find a comprehensive collection of data points which help you to determine progress one makes.

Activity Trend
Other Stat

Activity Trend of a selected employee

Activity Trend chart shows how much and on what specific day an employee carried out one of the following type of an activity:

Inbound external emails
Outbound external emails
Other internal


This data gets gathered automatically from email clients and calendars of employees, no manual entries to CRM are required.

By clicking on each of the data plots on the chart, a pop-up will appear on the screen with details of each record made to the plot.

You can drill down all the way to the core of the record. By clicking on a record you are able to read the actual context of emails, or meetings details, which are being pulled directly from email client and calendars, no data is stored anywhere else.

Opportunities and Accounts the employee is accountable for

This two sub-tabs show the opportunities and the accounts which are being run by the employee. For more details per each element of the block, please refer to the Opportunity tab and The Accounts tab articles.

Additional performance indicators reflecting employee’s performance

An additional collection of key performance metrics gathered automatically for you to use while evaluating progress made by a Sales representative for the selected period.

• Number of new accounts engaged, accounts which has never been reach out by the Sales representative

• Number of cold emails sent, reply messages don't get counted

• Number of scheduled meetings from a calendar of the Sales representative. Already conducted meetings don't get counted

• Number of new contacts engaged, those who have never been reach out by the Sales representative before

• Number of all external emails sent

• Number of all external emails read

• Number of external meetings scheduled from the Sales representative's calendars

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