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How to Save Internal or blocklisted Emails in Salesforce


Messages classified as internal/blocklisted aren’t saved in Salesforce automatically; however, in the latest Email Sidebar updates Save button in Email Sidebar is enabled for them. When such message is selected, to indicate why the message cannot be saved in Salesforce there appears a notification under Smart Actions bar > More…, ObservationsSome not important emails were filtered:” with the list of internal or blocklisted email addresses from the message.

  You can save any messages from/to internal or blocklisted addresses (as well as unresolved (not yet registered in CRM) addresses) in Salesforce using the Save button in RGES Sidebar’s header and then filling in the necessary details in the Save this email to Salesforce dialog.


A possible alternative solution is to create a corresponding “people record” in Salesforce (a Contact or Lead), based on the internal email address in question, so Email Sidebar will work with this email address in the same manner as with non-internal ones, also enabling auto-syncing for it, if the corresponding option is enabled.


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