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Mix of steps (RevenueGrid offering)

2 min read - updated few hours ago

Sample Sequence

15 steps, 18 days

This sequence combines calls, automatic and manual emails, same day follow-ups, and LinkedIn outreach.


• Greeting to cover all time zones. E.g. "Good {{part_of_the_day}}" = "Good evening"
• Recipients first name {{First Name}}
• Recipients company name {{Company}}
• Suggested next touch base day {{weekdays_from_now 2}} - e.g. "Let's have a call on Friday"
• Sender's name {{Sender Name}} - sequences can be sent on behalf of colleagues
• Sender's company name {{Sender Company Name}}
• Sender's signature {{Auto inserted Signature}}

Skill up

Learn how to use merge fields.

Step 1, Day 1 - automatic new email thread

Subject: Hi {{First Name}}!

Good {{part_of_the_day}} {{First Name}},

My name is {{Sender First Name}} and I head up business development efforts with {{Sender Company Name}}. We recently launched a new platform that [one sentence pitch].

I am taking an educated stab in the dark here, however, based on your online profile, you appear to be an appropriate person to connect with ... or might at least point me in the right direction.

I’d like to speak with someone from {{Company}} who is responsible for [handling something that's relevant to my product].

If that’s you, are you open to a fifteen-minute call on _________ [time and date] to discuss ways the {{Sender Company Name}} platform can specifically help your business? If not you, can you please put me in touch with the right person?

I appreciate the help!


{{User Signature}} {{Unsubscribe Text}}

{{Auto inserted Signature}}

Step 2, Day 1, an hour later - automatic email reply

Subject: Hi {{First Name}}!

Sorry, forgot to mention - you can find more information on our website [Website] - I'll get back to anticipating your response.

{{Auto inserted Signature}}

Step 3, Day 3 - automatic email reply

Subject: RE: Hi {{First Name}}!

Hey {{First Name}}, reaching out to you regarding my last email. I am pretty curious if you had a chance to go through it?


{{Auto inserted Signature}}

Step 4, Day 4 - phone call

Outbound Call

Call the number and pitch your product.

Schedule a demo call.

Leave a voice mail if no answer.

Step 5, Day 4, an hour later - misc.

LinkedIn Connect Request

Add the prospect on LinkedIn.

Step 6, Day 6 - automatic email reply

Subject: 121% revenue velocity

Hi {{First Name}},

I wanted to circle back regarding Guided Selling for {{Company}}.

Think about your CRM guiding your reps to take the best steps in closing a particular deal.

A Salesforce powered with Al signals helping in achieving "Closed Won" deals even faster.

Gain in-depth visibility and control over your pipeline. Help your reps to take the best steps for closing deals effectively and strategically.

All this with one quick glance on your screen.

Transform your CRM from the system of records to a system of actions!

{{Auto inserted Signature}}

Step 7, Day 8 - automatic email reply

Subject: 121% revenue velocity

Salutations {{First Name}},

Did you have a chance to go through my last email?

In case you missed it, please find attached a one-pager on what is Revenue Grid?

Let me know if you have any questions.

Best, {{User Signature}}

{{Auto inserted Signature}}

Step 8, Day 10 - automatic email reply

Subject: 121% revenue velocity

{{First Name}},

The best thing about Revenue Grid is that it is a Salesforce Native solution and works right in your Salesforce. I want to visualize what Guided Selling looks like.

Opportunity Engagement Reports -Instantly view how well your team is engaging with important deals. Get in-depth visibility on your pipeline with just a glance on your screen.

Stalled opportunities - Make sure never to drop the ball and act fast on deals that matter most with forecasting accuracy, relationship intelligence, and lots more.

Let me know your thoughts about it, and feel free to share your availability for a quick chat. I would love to show you Guided Selling in action.

{{Auto inserted Signature}}

Step 9, Day 13 - automatic new email thread

Subject: Have you been eaten by an Alligator?

Happy {{today}} {{First Name}}, I am writing in hopes that you are still with us and have not in fact been eaten by an Alligator! If you are still indeed with us, please contact me so that I can once again sleep at night :)

{{Auto inserted Signature}}

Step 10, Day 13, an hour later - phone call

Follow-up call attempt

Follow-up call attempt.

If no answer, leave a voicemail.

Step 11, Day 14 - misc.

LinkedIn Follow-up

Try a different pitch on LinkedIn.

Step 12, Day 14, an hour later - automatic SMS

Send an SMS.

Step 13, Day 15 - automatic new email thread

Subject: Hi {{First Name}}!

Hi {{First Name}},

I really hope I’m not causing you to do this...

A quick email reply will be enough if you’d like to talk about Salesforce and inbox integration or not.

I hope you have a wonderful hour, day and week, {{First Name}}!

{{Auto inserted Signature}}

{{Auto inserted Signature}}

Step 14, Day 18 - automatic new email thread

Subject: Hi {{First Name}}!

Hasn’t our communication been fun?! - me, writing to you now and then; you, not responding… Perhaps, the stars simply didn’t align. Yeah, I definitely blame them, little shiny brats.

Fun as it is, though, I want to tell you goodbye now and wish all the best to you. My understanding is that at the moment you might not be interested in Guided Selling Solution for {{Company}}, however beneficial it may be.

Still, if you ever need one, I’ll be happy to hear from you any time.

Plus I would really appreciate it if you can provide me little feedback on why Revenue Grid is not suitable for {{Company}}?

So, best wishes to you and lots of success to {{Company}}.

{{Auto inserted Signature}}

Step 15, Day 18, an hour later - misc.

Good bye msg on LinkedIn

Say a good bye on LinkedIn to look professional.

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