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Viewing Records Related to Selected Email/Calendar Item (Linked Items and the Related Records List)

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RG Email Sidebar Add-In / Chrome Extension reads key identifying data from your currently selected or opened email/calendar item and retrieves related Salesforce records and activities to be displayed as easy to browse and access cards in RG Email Sidebar, enabling the end-users to effectively interact with various relevant CRM objects when working with their correspondence and calendar. Relevant Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities, Cases, as well as your Org specific custom objects, both directly linked in Salesforce and associated with selected item indirectly, are displayed right in your email client next to the email/calendar item being created or processed.

When you select a new or already saved email or calendar item in MS Outlook, RG Email Sidebar will display Salesforce records associated with the sender’s/recipient’s email address as well as Business record already linked to it, is there are any (marked with green checkmark icons). After you expand a related Lead’s / Contact’s or Account’s card in the Sidebar by clicking on its header, you will see all associated items classified into categories. In this Knowledge Base article you can find more information on what logic is applied on retrieving related items.


Related records cards displayed in the Sidebar show the fields marked as important on RGES customization page. To view a record’s detailed card, click the > button in its header. Note that RG Email Sidebar retrieves custom Salesforce layouts used in your Org – thus you will get the same set and order of fields in your objects’ cards in RG Email Sidebar as in Salesforce. Here you can also quickly review all associated Activities for a selected object: emails, tasks, follow ups, calls, meetings. To do that, click on the Activity History category under Related tab on a record’s expanded card.   In RG Email Sidebar you can also make use of custom Salesforce buttons or links after adding them to the object’s layout in Salesforce.

When you create a new record in Salesforce via the Add-In, relevant fields of the record are automatically prefilled with data retrieved from your currently opened Email or Calendar item.

You can effectively link Salesforce activities to related records via RG Email Sidebar, such as Tasks, Events, Follow-ups, or Calls.


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