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Details of each and every possible Action required

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Here is the full list of types of actions you can find in the Action required columns on the Sequence name→Recipient's tab and on the Audience page. Items are clickable and once clicked on, you will be redirected to corresponding item on the Action Center's To-do tab to take an action.

No action - Take a brake

Review Response - When a contact replies to one of your Steps, then Sequence gets paused until you to process the reply in the Action Center. Just click on the label if clickable and it will take you to the according item

Review email Draft - This means a contact is on a Step which requires manual review in the Action Center before sending out your email

Make a call - A contact is on a Phone Call type of a Step. Proceed to the Action Center to log a call

Send text - A contact is on a SMS type of a Step. Proceed to the Action Center to log a text message

Review owner change - This comes up when a contact's owner changes in Salesforce

Fix merge field issue - When you use a field to merge it to your Step message from Salesforce, but that field is blank in Salesforce. You may fix it either by removing Merge Field from your message, or by filling out required field in Salesforce

Digest response to a colleague - With certain settings in place, a Sequence prevents outreach to a contact, whose colleague's has already replied to any of Steps of the Sequence

Review Invite Response - it appears when a recipient sends you a meeting invite (both from Exchange or Gmail clients), or responses to your meeting invite sent from your email. All sequences a prospect is engaged into get paused for the recipient until resumed manually


Both types of Review Invite Response type of notifications appear in the Action Center's Notifications tab with a respective icon
if a meeting invite has been sent to you;
if a recipient accepts or rejects a meeting invite which you had sent;

Perform other action - This is related to Miscellaneous type of a Step

• Digest another reply - The value means that a prospect replied to one or several Sequences of your colleague's, and the colleague is having "Reply received email" type of a required action for the prospect

Review Notification - Means either you received an Auto-reply or a standalone email. Those appear on the Notifications tab in the Action Center

Review conversion - means that a lead has been converted to a contact on SFDC side, and you should process To-Do item on the Action Center so the sequence proceeds for the contact

Review send error

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