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Add Revenue Grid widgets to Salesforce Experience sites

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Add a widget to the Salesforce Experience site

To add the Revenue Grid widget to the Salesforce Experience site, follow the next steps.

  1. On the upper right-hand side of the page, click on the Gear icon

  2. In the menu that appears, click Setup

  3. On the left side, in the Quick Search field, enter “All Sites” and in search results select All Sites to display all the sites you have

  4. Find the site where you want to add the widget and click Builder

  5. In the builder, open the site pages menu (1) and select the page where you want to add the widget (2)

  6. Open the Components tab, find the Visualforce Page component, and then drag and drop it to the desired place on the page

  7. On the contextual pane, open the Visualforce Page Name menu (1), select the name of the widget you want to add (e.g., Calendar) (2), and set up widget parameters if necessary

  8. If you want to check how the page looks before publishing, in the left-hand corner, click Preview. To return to the edit mode, click Back to Builder.

  9. Click Publish

  10. On the confirmation pop-up, click Publish again and then click Got it

Publishing of the widget may take some time, depending on its complexity. You will receive an email confirmation when it is finished.

Check the widget display on the Experience site

To ensure that the added widget displays correctly and functions as expected, log in to Experience as a user and check.

  1. Open the Contacts list

  2. Find the test contact and click on it to open

  3. In the contact frame, open the menu and click Log in to Experience as User

  4. In the navigation bar, click on the page where you added a widget to go to it

The widget will be displayed on the page.


If you see the following error message, the Experience site user does not have permission to access Revenue Grid widgets.

To provide the necessary permissions, follow the guide Resolve an error with rendering the Canvas application in Salesforce.



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