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Monitoring Synchronization Statistics and Connection Statuses

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RG Email Sidebar logs items synchronization statistics and monitors connection statuses between Salesforce and mail client account. You can analyze this information and perform the necessary follow-up activities if any problems occur.


Depending on your product license, the appearance of your Sync Settings page may be different. Below you can find instructions for the New and Legacy Sync Settings pages. Refer to the chapter according to the appearance of your Sync Setting page:


New Sync Settings page

RGES gathers all synchronization statistics and connection statuses data on the Sync Settings page:

  • To access Sync Settings, open RG Email Sidebar in your mailbox, click Menu, and go to Sync Settings

On the General tab of the Sync Settings page, you can check the Synchronization status, Number of records in a synchronization scope, Last session details, and control sync using the Force sync and Pause / Start buttons.

  • Click Last session details to view the logged information about the last synchronization. Also, use the Refresh button to update the details if another sync session has run recently


If you discover a sync issue has occurred, refer to this article to learn how to handle it

  • To check your Salesforce and mail account connection statuses, go to My connectivity under Personal setting

On the My connectivity page, you can check the CRM and Email accounts connection statuses. Also, you can refresh connectivity or change accounts using the corresponding Refresh or Change buttons.


If you discover a Disconnected status shown on the tab or if you need to change the access account, refer to this article to learn how to renew the credentials



Legacy Sync Settings page

To view this information, go to Sync dashboard page. Here you will find:



  • The statistics of the last synchronization session, including the information about the number of synchronization issues (if any)
  • The Salesforce and Microsoft Exchange connection statuses

You can also use the Dashboard control the synchronization process:


  • To stop RG Email Sidebar from synchronizing data, click Pause
  • To force the synchronization to start immediately, click Force sync
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