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Welcome to Revenue Grid Email Integration Component Knowledge Base



The Revenue Inbox solution got rebranded. It will be regarded as a specific license type of the Revenue Grid solution. This branding change does not affect existing customers or end users in any ways



Revenue Grid is the email-CRM integration component of our premium revenue intelligence package Revenue Grid. Navigate to Revenue Grid Docs for more details.


The Knowledge Base has the following sections:

  ❓ PRODUCT FAQs RG Email Sidebar Frequently Asked Questions; the article gets regular updates based on popular customer enquiries about the Solution

  πŸ“Ί VIDEO GUIDES RG Email Sidebar Video tutorials; view specific video instructions demonstrating various RGES functions and features

  βœ… RGES ONBOARDING; this section contains collections of links which describe various aspects of user interaction with RG Email Sidebar

  πŸ“– RELEASE NOTES, KB UPDATES; information on the latest product updates: new features, improvements, notable bugfixes and Knowledge Base articles updates

  ✜ GETTING STARTED the section consists of two sub-sections:

        βœš ESSENTIALS: general RG Email Sidebar specifications and supported environments

        βœš FIRST STEPS: step-by-step guides on installing and running the Solution followed by overviews of the key RG Email Sidebar features and its user interfaces

  ✜ USING the Solution the section contains articles providing in-detail descriptions of various nuances of product functioning, subcategorized as

        βœš HOW TO-S - practical use guides covering user interactions with Salesforce granted by the Solution. Further subcategorized into articles covering Email handling, Event handling, Salesforce records handling, and Miscellaneous articles

        βœš HOW IT WORKS - explanations of underlying mechanics and the small nuances of RGES work patterns, for advanced RGES users

  ✜ SETUP & CONFIGURATION this section contains descriptions of advanced settings

        βœš USER SETTINGS Customization, Synchronization and other settings available to users having corresponding permissions

        βœš ADMIN SETUP & ACTIONS detailed Administrator’s guides on product deployment and fine-tuning, as well as user management

        βœœ TROUBLESHOOTING section contains step-by-step solutions to known issues which may occur with RGES running in different system configurations

  ✜ RGES CHROME EXTENSION FOR GMAIL contains guides on setting up and using RG Email Sidebar implementation for Gmail / Google Workspace (G Suite) available as a Chrome browser extension

    Each article is marked with icons: or or to indicate whether its content concerns RG Email Sidebar implementation for Office 365 mailboxes, MS Exchange mailboxes, or the Chrome Extension for Gmail / Google Workspace (G Suite), either two, or all of them.

NB: for readability considerations, in Knowledge Base articles RG Email Sidebar is referred to as RGES.




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Knowledge Base authored by Anton Kirei