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Welcome to Revenue Grid Email Integration Component Knowledge Base



Revenue Inbox is the email-CRM integration component of our premium revenue intelligence package Revenue Grid. Navigate to the Help center for more details.


The Knowledge Base has the following sections:

  ❓ PRODUCT FAQs Revenue Inbox Frequently Asked Questions; the article gets regular updates based on popular customer enquiries about the product

  📺 VIDEO GUIDES Revenue Inbox Video tutorials; view specific video instructions demonstrating various RI functions and features

  ✅ RI ONBOARDING; this section contains collections of links which describe various aspects of user interaction with Revenue Inbox

  📖 RELEASE NOTES, KB UPDATES; information on the latest product updates: new features, improvements, notable bugfixes and Knowledge Base articles updates

  ✜ GETTING STARTED the section consists of two sub-sections:

        ✚ ESSENTIALS: general Revenue Inbox specifications and supported environments

        ✚ FIRST STEPS: step-by-step guides on installing and running the product followed by overviews of the key Revenue Inbox features and its user interfaces

  ✜ USING THE PRODUCT the section contains articles providing in-detail descriptions of various nuances of product functioning, subcategorized as

        ✚ HOW TO-S - practical use guides covering user interactions with Salesforce granted by the product. Further subcategorized into articles covering Email handling, Event handling, Salesforce records handling, and Miscellaneous articles

        ✚ HOW IT WORKS - explanations of underlying mechanics and the small nuances of RI work patterns, for advanced RI users

  ✜ SETUP & CONFIGURATION this section contains descriptions of advanced settings

        ✚ USER SETTINGS Customization, Synchronization and other settings available to users having corresponding permissions

        ✚ ADMIN SETUP & ACTIONS detailed Administrator’s guides on product deployment and fine-tuning, as well as user management

        ✜ TROUBLESHOOTING section contains step-by-step solutions to known issues which may occur with RI running in different system configurations

  ✜ RI CHROME EXTENSION FOR GMAIL contains guides on setting up and using Revenue Inbox implementation for Gmail / Google Workspace (G Suite) available as a Chrome browser extension

    Each article is marked with a or or icon to indicate whether its content concerns Revenue Inbox implementation for Office 365 mailboxes, MS Exchange on-premises mailboxes, or the Chrome Extension for Gmail / Google Workspace (G Suite), either two or all of them.

NB: for readability considerations, in Knowledge Base articles Revenue Inbox is referred to as RI.




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