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Delegate workload associated with Sequences to your colleagues

1 min read - updated few hours ago

What can be delegated between colleagues?

In Revenue Grid, you can allow selected colleagues to:

1. Run Sequences on your behalf - meaning the selected delegates will be able to run Sequences which will send emails from your inbox (and send SMSs from a number assigned to you in Revenue Grid.)

2. Be able to respond to prospects' replies to Sequences' outreaches in the Action Center, and to finish Sequences for the prospects.

3. Handle the delegated-Sequence's related Notification and To-dos.


Admins can't use the delegation feature.

How to set up a delegate in Revenue Grid?

You can set up a delegate in Settings->Account tab.

By default you are able to add up to 5 delegates.

Simply choose delegates from the drop-down and don't forget to Save.

How delegates start running Sequences on behalf of their delegators?

When creating a Sequence, choose a delegator in the "Email are being sent on behalf of" drop-down.

Handling items generated by delegated-Sequences in the Action Center

Handling such items are no different from handling regular Sequences' items. Though delegated-items are marked with a special green icon, so you are able to notice them.


Lead owner can remove own leads from a delegated Sequence.

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