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Revenue Grid Sequences: Introduction

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An essential communication automation feature offered by Revenue Grid (RG) is managing sequences in efficient conjunction with registering all activities and status changes in Salesforce.

A sequence is a series of communication steps (actions) a Revenue Grid end user performs to engage and nurture Leads and Contacts retrieved from their Salesforce, delivering campaign information and collecting responses via different channels. The sequence’s steps follow a specific flow configured by RG users; both inbound and outbound email communication within a Sequence is automatically registered in Salesforce.

Several consequential Sequences can be used in communication with the same group of prospects. For example, if an initial engagement sequence is successful with a prospect, you can switch this prospect to a different sequence for further nurturing.

Another related application of email Sequences is to follow up on product or service sales to measure user satisfaction or send out other kinds of surveys or product updates.

Sequences part of the Knowledge Base has the following sections:

  • Get started includes initial configuration and recommended first steps when you start using sequences in Revenue Grid. Here you can also find some sample sequences you can experiment with.

  • Using sequences section contains practical use guides and articles providing in-detail descriptions of various nuances of product functioning.

  • Sequences in Action Center section contains practical advice on handling sequences and recipients' interactions with the sequences' steps (e.g., replies, auto-replies, etc.), making call, sending SMS, and reviewing notifications.

  • Sequences in Sidebar section contains tips on handling sequences in RG Email Sidebar.

  • Coaching includes a description of the reports on your team's performance and productivity in terms of sequences.

  • Personal settings (user) include personal settings available to users having corresponding permissions.

  • Admin guide contains detailed Administrator's guides on product deployment and fine-tuning, as well as user management.

  • Troubleshooting section contains step-by-step solutions to known issues which may occur with RG sequences.

  • Release Notes: information on the latest product updates – new features, improvements, notable bugfixes, etc.

  • FAQs section contains popular user inquiries about sequences in Revenue Grid.

NB: for readability considerations, in Knowledge Base articles Revenue Grid is referred to as RG.

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