Revenue Grid widgets in your SFDC environment

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Sales Engagement widgets
Opportunity and Account widgets
How to add Revenue Grid widgets and tabs to Salesforce

Before being able to use Revenue Grid widgets

With Revenue Grid, you can add widgets to your SFDC environment for quick access to valuable information without actually leaving SFDC. As a prerequisite you have to install Revenue Inbox Managed Package. The process is described in the video.

Sales Engagement widgets

With Revenue Grid widgets added to your SFDC interface, you can oversee and have some control over prospects engagement progress and details.

Once you add the widgets and set them up for all or selective users like Sales Managers, Sales Directors, Sales Reps or anyone else in your organization, they will be able to see the widgets and based on the information shown, make smarter decisions in order to convert leads into clients.

For those of contacts and leads who have not been imported to Revenue Grid yet, you will see a call to action to import them right away.

Prospect overview widget in SFDC

This Widget shows Revenue Grid person status, engagement statistics:

- how many calls have been made to the prospect
- how many emails have been sent
- how many of sent email the prospect actually opened
- how many unique links which you had added to the emails the prospect actually have clicked on
- how many replies you have received from the prospect

Also here you can see the owner of the prospect, and other prospects in your Revenue Grid from the same company.

Prospect’s sequences widget in SFDC

From the Sequences widget you can see what sequences a prospect currently is being engaged into, as well as add a prospect to another Sequence without going to Revenue Grid.

With currently engaged sequences, you can perform actions such as pause a sequence for the prospect, remove from a sequence or finish a sequence for the prospect with one of the available options (Success, Not Interested, Opt out).

For currently engaged sequence, the widget also shows Required Actions (if any) which the sequence owner should take an action upon on the Engagement Planner.

Prospect’s activity widget in SFDC

Activity widget shows a timestamped communication log in chronological order. Along with correspondence, it also reflects prospect’s stage change within a sequence, as well as events as Owner Change, or Lead Conversion.

Email widget in SFDC

Want to drop a quick line to a contact or a lead? Do it right from SFDC interface, there is no need to jump between email client and CRM anymore. Add the Email widget from installed Revenue Inbox Managed Package.

This widget pulls information directly from Revenue Grid. Meaning you can select RG Template, use Merge Fields the same way you can use them in RG interface. And most importantly, To and CC field will autocomplete

Opportunity and Account widgets

Revenue Signals

Place Revenue Signals widget to SFDC interface for quicker access to intelligently guiding hints. Read more about capabilities of Revenue Grid Signals

Activity Trend widget

On this widget, you can find all communication scattered on the time line. Data plots correspond to one of three types of activity: a meeting, an inbound, and an outbound email. Besides the data plots, important changes such as Close Date Change, Amount Change, First and Last Touches also get reflected on the chart for easier pipeline analytics.

Drill down to the point

By clicking on any given data plot, you can see the actual communication activities in the pop-up, from which you can read any given email or see details of a meeting.

Relationship Intelligence widget

This is interactive relationship sales chart. Here, you can see who of your colleagues has been in touch with representatives of the opportunity, and how much total time communication has accumulated in minutes.

Drill down to the point

By clicking on any given communication path, you can see the actual activities which made it to the accumulated time appeared in a pop-up, from which you can read any given email or see details of a meeting.

Engagement Highlights widget

In the engagement highlights widget, you can grasp quickly what was the most recent meeting, inbound and outbound emails with representatives of an opportunity.

Also very important "What's next" section which may be scrapped from calendar if that is a meeting, or else filled up manually by accountable colleague.
Change history reflects all what changes has been made to an opportunity and how many times.

How to add Revenue Grid widgets to Salesforce

Adding the sales engagement widgets to Salesforce interface:

1. Go to a tab you want to add widgets to (Leads, Contacts, Opportunities tabs)

2. Open up any Contact or Lead or Opportunity from the list

3. Then click Settings icon and choose Edit Page, in order to open Lightning App Builder

4. From the left-hand side pane, grab Visualforce element and drag it onto the canvas placing it exactly to the area where you want the widgets to appear

5. Then on the right-hand side pane, in the Visualforce Page Name drop-down, choose what type of a widget you want it to be

6. Activate and Save the changes: Click Activation button in the right-hand side top corner, and either choose "Assign as ORG Default" if you want these changes to get applied to everyone in your organization, otherwise go to "APP, RECORD, TYPE, AND PROFILES" tab to choose who exactly will be affected by the changes has been done.

Watch video on how to add Sales Engagement widgets to your SFDC environment

Watch video on how to add Opportunity Analytics widgets to your SFDC environment

Revenue Inbox tabs in Salesforce environment

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