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How to Resolve the Issue Where the Add-In’s Icons are Greyed Out

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If after installing RGES Add-In in MS Outlook, the “Open RG Email Sidebar” icon and other associated icons in MS Outlook ribbon are greyed-out, unclickable, or unresponsive, that occured due to several reasons. This article describes the reasons for Add-In’s icons greying out and possible ways to address this issue.

No email is selected

RGES Add-In’s icons become clickable only if you have an email opened in your mail client. If no email is, the Add-In’s icons are unclickable.

First, open an email you want to save to Salesforce in your mail client, then click on the RGES Add-In icon in the ribbon to open the Sidebar.

Conflict with a COM (Component Object Model) MS Office add-in

Another reason the Add-In’s icons are greyed-out, unclickable, or unresponsive in MS Outlook ribbon is a conflict with a COM (Component Object Model) MS Office add-in, e.g. Adobe PDFMaker Office COM addin, installed locally on your PC.

Microsoft prioritizes COM add-ins over web Office add-ins. As a result, MS Outlook disables the RGES Add-In when a conflict is detected. More information about that be found on Stack Overflow.

If this is happening to you, to be able to use RG Email Sidebar, try removing the unused COM add-ins from your MS Outlook setup. If this is not possible, you might consider using the Desktop/MSI implementation of RG Email Sidebar.

Disabled Reading Pane in MS Outlook

The RG Email Sidebar cannot be started, and the associated icons are greyed-out or unclickable in the MS Outlook ribbon if the Reading Pane is set to Off.

1. To enable the Reading Pane in MS Outlook

2. Switch to the View tab in the upper part of the Outlook interface

3. Next, in the Layout section click on Reading Pane

4. Select either Right or Bottom from the drop-down list

5. Next, open an email you want to save to Salesforce

6. Click on the RGES icon in the ribbon to open the Sidebar


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