The Sequences daily digest

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Sequences daily digest keeps you focused on what's important in regards to your automated Sequences that engage prospects.

It notifies you how many sequences are active and how many prospects in the sequences are stuck and need your attention immoderately.

Why are you receiving the Sequences daily digests?

Once you create a sequence, Revenue Grid starts sending you a daily digest to keep you in the loop.

How to interpret the data?

The number of the Action Center items indicates how many recipients are at the point where you have to take an action manually. Each Action Center item is related to a single prospect in your sequence.

Items may include:

Replies from your prospects
To-do items to ensure smooth outreach to a certain prospect

Unless you take the action to resolve each item separately, the corresponding prospect will not proceed within a sequence.

Running vs idling sequences

Running sequences are those which are activated, whereas idling are inactive ones.

Disable the Sequences Daily Digest company wide

1. Go to Settings → Signals sub tab.

2. Click Create Signal.

3. Choose Sequence email digest in the Signal preset drop-down.

4. Toggle the switch to stop receiving the digest company wide.

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