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Update Revenue Grid Managed Package in Salesforce

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To catch up with the latest Salesforce and ensure RGES new features functioning, we regularly release Revenue Grid managed package updates. The updates include auxiliary custom fields, classes, and other components.

To upgrade to the latest Managed Package version:

1. Open the new managed package link in your web browser

The latest version of the managed package:

Managed package for Professional Salesforce edition:

The Publisher name of the package InvisibleCRM is an old brand name of Revenue Grid.



The managed package is guaranteed to be secure, confidential, and free of any malicious content, under Revenue Grid Privacy & Security policies


2. Log in to your Salesforce account (it must have Admin permissions in your Org)

3. Indicate if you want to upgrade the package for:

  • All users in your Org
  • (recommended) Only for specific users who will be using Lightning Scheduler integration
  • Only for the Admins


4. If you chose Install for specific Profiles, set the needed profiles scope using the controls underneath


Also see the relevant Salesforce guide for details


>>> Click to see the controls' screenshots <<<


6. Click the Upgrade button underneath

Next, you will see the following notification, click the Done button, and soon you will receive an email message from Salesforce confirming that the package was upgraded.


If the error “This package can’t be installed” occurred on the managed package installation to the Salesforce Professional Edition, refer to this article to learn how to handle the issue

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