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Signals of a single opportunities or account

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Revenue Signals to navigate the sales process to closed-win

In this block, you can review what signals and action items were ever created for this Opportunity. For example, if you created an action item for the Sales Rep who handles this Opportunity, you can see whether and when the signal was resolved. In this way, you can make sure that your team does exactly what you need them to do. You can also create positive and negative signals, and action items on this page.

To create a signal or action item: 1. Click on the plus icon 2. Select the type of item you want to create:

Positive signal (+ 3 to Opp’s score). This signal means a push forward towards winning a deal.
Negative signal (-16 from Opp’s score). This signal means a bad impact on winning a deal.
Action item. It does not affect the score of the Opportunity. It’s used to assign Opportunity related tasks to your team.

3. Enter the text you want the Sales Rep to see 4. Click on the calendar icon to add Notification date 5. Click the green check icon to save the signal For more information about Revenue Signals, refer to this article.

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