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Revenue Grid (RG) is a premium web-based guided selling platform.
It's Salesforce integration suite that includes efficient and immediate sales playbook automation for highly effective enterprise sales:

1. Strengthening sales forecast
2. Improving efficiency of carrying out routine Sales tasks
3. Running sophisticated Email, SMS or Phone call type of nurturing/drip campaigns
4. Supervising colleagues for better sales team coaching techniques

For technical support, please send an email to support team.

Planner - used to handle incoming emails, carry out follow ups, associated To-dos. It consists of 3 tabs: Replies, Notifications, and To-dos.

Signals - enhanced automated nudges and alerts for next best action.

Accounts - oversee and analyze each account.

Opportunities - a powerful tool that combines multiple data sources to provide insights into progress and life-cycle of your Opportunities.

Sequences - used to create and run automated sequenced reach outs, whether by Email, SMS, or other methods.

Audience - a major pool of prospects, is used to manage Salesforce Leads and Contacts, as well as prospect imported via a CSV file, involved in your campaigns and further communication.

Team - consolidated performance data per each employee, displaying activity progress and analytics. Applicable to all major team coaching techniques.

Templates - used to manage email templates for your email sequences. Here you create and store emails which later can use for your reach outs, as well as share templates with colleagues.

Settings - used to set up essential parameters applied to your profile, campaigns, collaboration rules with colleagues.

Who benefits from using Revenue Grid

  • Managerial level employees who require automatically collected reports and analytics on the outcomes of the sales operation carried out by their teams, in order to increase;
  • Sales representatives who generate leads, meet sales goals, use automated mass outreach as a leads nurturing and sales channel;
  • Marketing specialists who send out personalized ads, offers, or periodic digests to specific target groups by email;
  • Post-sales customer communication and support specialists sending out product/service updates, surveys, etc.;
  • Marketing and other researchers who spread branched step-by-step surveys and collect structured feedback for analysis;

Revenue Grid system requirements

Revenue Grid is a cross-platform solution: the users can run it opened in a web browser on stationary devices and tablets

The essential requirements are:

  • Internet connection
  • MS Exchange/Office 365/Gmail email account
  • Salesforce account

Revenue Grid works with an existing MS Exchange/Office 365/Gmail mail accounts and a Salesforce account; one email account is connected with only one Salesforce account and vice versa. However, the platform ensures seamless collaboration among multiple Revenue Grid users within one Salesforce org.

The platform requires no installation on your device: all required Revenue Grid setup actions are performed via supported web browser.

The product is guaranteed to run smoothly in the latest versions of Google Chrome (on Windows, Linux, Mac, iPad, Android tablets), MS Edge, Mozilla Firefox. Compatibility with other browsers requires specific checking. Revenue Grid basic requirement for a web browser is support of certain web UI controls, which most modern-day browsers include.

Mailbox requirements

Revenue Grid can work with inboxes and sub-folders of mailboxes on Gmail, MS Exchange/Office 365 (with Exchange online) servers. Compatible MS Exchange versions: 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019.