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On this tab you can find a comprehensive set of data points that help you to dig into communication details and progress. All data on the tab is 100% live data gathered and processed from emails, calendars and Salesforce. On this all-inclusive pad, you get:

Emails, Meetings and Attachments
Relationship Intelligence
Engagement highlights
Related Signals

Full transparency of talks for the best guiding

All emails, meetings and attachments of associated with an Account in one place.

On this chart, you can find all communication scattered on the time line. Data plots correspond to one of three types of activity: a meeting, an inbound, and an outbound email. Besides the plots, important changes such as Close Date Change, Amount Change, First and Last Touches also get reflected on the chart for easier pipeline analytics.

Drill down to the point

By clicking on any given data plot, you can see the actual communication activities in the pop-up, from which you can read any given email or see details of a meeting.

All involved parties captured and saved

This is interactive relationship sales chart. Here, you can see who of you colleagues has been in touch with representatives of the account, and how much total time communication has accumulated in minutes.

Drill down to the point

By clicking on any given communication path, you can see the actual activities which made it to the accumulated time appeared in a pop-up, from which you can read any given email or see details of a meeting.

Contacts who appear on the customers’ side of the chart (the right side), have additional elements which help you to identify:

- if a contact is in Salesforce; if not, then also a button to create a contact seamlessly in Salesforce and associate with the account.

- contact card which has data parsed from email from the contact and information stored in Salesforce.

Engagement highlights

In the engagement highlights block, you can grasp quickly what were the most recent meeting, inbound and outbound emails with representatives of the account.

Also very important "What's next" section which may be scrapped from calendar if that is a meeting, or else filled up manually by accountable colleague.

Revenue Signals to navigate the sales process to closed-win

On the very bottom, there are signals related to the account. For more information about Revenue Signals, refer to this article.

Add a signal to recommend the must action.

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