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Revenue Intelligence: Introduction

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Revenue Grid deal guidance and signals enable managers and sales representatives to detect and address revenue leaks in their pipelines, optimize sales processes, and boost revenue generation performance.

Intelligence & Signals part of the Knowledge Base has the following sections:

  • Get started includes the initial first steps when you start using sequences in Revenue Grid.

  • Opportunities section contains practical use guides on managing Opportunities in Revenue Grid

  • Accounts section contains practical advice on handling Accounts, insights and best practices.

  • Signals, action items & notes describes how to create, manage, and act upon smart Revenue Signals, action items, and different types of notes.

  • Reporting & Forecasting contains tips on enhancing your sales forecasting.

  • Coaching section contains information about coaching based on specific data and gaining team performance insights.

  • Conversational intelligence contains tips on benefiting from meeting recordings and insights.

  • Admin guide contains detailed Administrator's guides on product deployment and fine-tuning, as well as user management.

  • Release Notes: information on the latest product updates – new features, improvements, notable bugfixes, etc.

NB: for readability considerations, in Knowledge Base articles Revenue Grid is referred to as RG.

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