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Item Fields Mapping Explained (MS Exchange or Gmail ↔ Salesforce)

For users of the Email Sidebar on:


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To ensure that RG Email Sidebar can function with full efficiency, ask your local Salesforce Admin to install the Revenue Grid managed package in your Org; the package adds a set of service extra fields to several Salesforce object types


RG Email Sidebar for Salesforce functioning is based on syncing and directly updating the contents of matching fields between MS Exchange and Salesforce objects. This article explains typical field matching patterns applied by RG Email Sidebar for standard Salesforce objects.


Note that in certain custom configurations Tasks or other Salesforce objects may also by matched with MS Exchange calendar items; in these cases field mapping patterns will be set differently



**MS Outlook emails: MS Exchange → Salesforce saving **


Field or control label or {hidden field} in MS Outlook Desktop / On the Web MS Exchange / Office 365 field name Salesforce (Enhanced Email not enabled), emails saved as Tasks Salesforce (Enhanced Email enabled), emails saved as EmailMessages
“Subject” line Subject Subject Subject
“Body” box Body Comments Description
{Sent time/date} DateTimeSent Comments DateTimeSent
{Received time/date} DateTimeReceived Comments DateTimeReceived
“From” line From Comments FromAddress
“To” line ToRecipients Comments ToAddress
“CC” line CcRecipients Comments CcAddress
“BCC” line BccRecipients Comments BccAddress
{Inbox/Sent folder placement} IsReceived IsInbound IsReceived
{the “has # attachments” indicator} Attachments n/a HasAttachments (does not reflect the actual state)
{the “normal, personal, private, confidential” flag} Sensitivity IsPrivate IsPrivate
{Message-ID GUID} IntenetMessageId InternetMessageId GroupwareItemID
{technical details about the message} InternetMessageHeaders n/a Headers
{ID of the correspondence thread the email belongs to used for this feature} ConversationId ConversationId ConversationId
n/a n/a IsCreatedBySync
(used to define if the email was saved by RGES Sync)
(used to define if the email was saved by RGES Sync)


MS Outlook calendar items


Field or control label or {hidden field} in MS Outlook Desktop / On the Web MS Exchange / Office 365 field name Salesforce Event object
{item’s recurrence flag and related data} Recurrence IsRecurrence2 and ServerSync_RecurrenceData
n/a MimeContent MimeContent
“Subject” line Subject Subject
“Body” box Body Description
“Location” line Location Location
“All day event” checkbox IsAllDayEvent IsAllDayEvent
“Start time” field Start StartDateTime
Start timezone field StartTimeZone StartTimeZone
“End time” field End EndDateTime
End timezone field EndTimeZone EndTimeZone
“Reminder” time span picklist ReminderMinutesBeforeStart ReminderMinutesBeforeStart
{reminder enabled} IsReminderset IsReminderSet
{the date/time of event start} ReminderDueBy ReminderDateTime
The “Show as:” picklist (free, working elsewhere, tentative, busy, out of office) LegacyFreeBusyStatus ShowAs
{contacts/email addresses added to the meeting as Required; the “To” field} RequiredAttendees ServerSync_NamedRequiredAttendees
{contacts/email addresses added to the meeting as Optional; the “CC” field} OptionalAttendees ServerSync_NamedOptionalAttendees
{contacts/email addresses added to the meeting as Resources; the “BCC” field} Resources ServerSync_NamedResources
{the calendar item Organizer’s address} Organizer ServerSync_NamedOrganizer
{the item’s actual status: none, meeting, received, canceled} AppointmentState ServerSync_IsOrganizer
{the indicator if the item is private, personal, confidential} Sensitivity IsPrivate



MS Outlook Tasks

Field or control label or {hidden field} in MS Outlook Desktop / On the Web MS Exchange / Office 365 field Salesforce
“Subject” line Subject Subject
“Priority” flag Importance Priority
“Reminder” checkbox IsReminderSet IsReminderSet
Reminder’s Date field ReminderDueBy ReminderDateTime
“Description” box Body Description
“Description” box Body SmartDescription
“Due date” field DueDate ActivityDate
“Status” field Status Status
“Private” flag Sensitivity IsPrivate



MS Outlook Contacts

Field or control label or {hidden field} in MS Outlook Desktop / On the Web MS Exchange / Office 365 Salesforce
{the full Name field} GivenName FirstName
{the full Name field} Surname LastName
{the full Name field} MiddleName MiddleName
{the full Name field} Salutation Salutation
{the full Name field} Generation Suffix
“Job Title” field JobTitle Title
“Company” field CompanyName ServerSync_CompanyName
“Web Page Address” field WebPage Link to the Contact’s profile in Salesforce
“E-mail” field EmailAddresses Email
“Primary Phone” field PhoneNumbers Phone
“Mobile Phone” field PhoneNumbers MobilePhone
“Business Phone” field PhoneNumbers BusinessPhoneNumber
“Business Fax” field PhoneNumbers Fax
“Assistant’s Phone” field PhoneNumbers AssistantPhone
“Home Phone” field PhoneNumbers HomePhone
“Other Phone” field PhoneNumbers OtherPhone
{description box} Body Description
{description box} Body SmartDescription
“Assistant” field AssistantName AssistantName
“Business Street” field PhysicalAddresses MailingStreet
“Business City” field PhysicalAddresses MailingCity
“Business State” field PhysicalAddresses MailingState
“Business Postal Code” field PhysicalAddresses MailingPostalCode
“Business Country/Region” field PhysicalAddresses MailingCountry
“Other Street” field PhysicalAddresses OtherStreet
“Other City” field PhysicalAddresses OtherCity
“Other State” field PhysicalAddresses OtherState
“Other Postal Code” field PhysicalAddresses OtherPostalCode
“Other Country/Region” field PhysicalAddresses OtherCountry
“Birthday” field Birthday Birthdate
“Department” field Department Department
“Private” flag Sensitivity IsPrivate



Google Tasks

Task statuses mapping

Google Task status Salesforce Task status
needsAction Notes
needsAction InProgress
completed Completed
needsAction WaitingOnOthers
needsAction Deferred


Google Task field Salesforce Task field
n/a Assigned to
n/a Recurrence interval
n/a Repeat this task
n/a Call type
Title Subject
n/a Call object identifier
n/a Call result
n/a Task subtype
Due (date only) Due date
n/a Phone
n/a Call duration
n/a Priority
n/a Created by
Notes Comments
Status Status
n/a Name (WhoId)
n/a Related to (WhatId)
n/a Email address
n/a Last modified by
Not supported Recurring Tasks
Not supported Custom added fields



Note that several special use fields required for certain RG Email Sidebar features to work must be added to Salesforce objects as part of RG Email Sidebar setup in your Org. Refer to this article for more information about them.


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