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Start using sequences

3 min read - updated few hours ago

It’s time to get started!

Now you are logged in, what’s next?

Before you start reaching out your prospects for the first time, here is the checklist to cover to get you started in no time:

Initial gearing up. One-time settings.

• Recommended: Make sure your signature is up to date

• Optional: Setup SMS and Voice calls number

• Optional: Setup Unsubscribe message

• Optional: Setup BookMe link

• Optional: Create custom Sending Schedule

Start outreach

Create Sequence or Clone Sequence

Add steps - explore what you can build in examples

Import recipients

Adjust sequence settings


Handle interactions

Warm up - Run sample sequences

Go to the Sequences tab, find the sequences, and run two the most basic sample sequences.

one manual step long sequence

one automatic email step long sequence.


1. Activate the sample sequences

2. Handle the replies

3. Archive the sequences that are finished

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