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Sequences: Navigation Basics

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After you log in to Revenue Grid for the first time, you will see the interface, your workspace. Use the left-hand navigation panel to switch between pages.

Action Center is your main work area after you create and start a sequence. Here you can

  • process recipient’s replies to your sequence emails and SMS on the Replies tab
  • complete tasks related to your outreaches on the To-dos tab
  • review sequences-related notifications on the Notifications tab

Learn some tips on handling items in the Action Center in this article.

On the Sequences page, you create new sequences, review or change already existing sequences.

Templates is used for managing step templates for your sequences. Here you create and store emails, which later can be used for your reach outs and sharing with colleagues.

Audience is a major pool of prospects. It’s used to manage Salesforce Leads and Contacts, as well as prospects imported via a CSV file or manually added in Revenue Grid, involved in your campaigns and further communication.

Basic actions

Most of the pages in Revenue Grid feature some common elements to speed up your work:

  • Using the search field, you can find necessary items on any page.

  • Additionally, you can filter search results or items on the page by different characteristics with the filter by field. For example, by the sequence owner, sharing and privacy settings, sequence stage, tags, etc.

  • Using the refresh icon, you can refresh the page to see the most up-to-date data.

  • Download the data displayed on the page using the download icon.

  • Select what columns are to be displayed on the page with the columns icon.

  • You can select other actions with a page, item, or several items by clicking on the menu icon.


To review your personal settings or access the Admin Panel (for admins), click on your profile photo in the upper right corner of the page and select Settings.


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