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Lightning Scheduler Adapter: An Overview

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Lightning Scheduler Adapter (LSA) is a solution that simplifies appointment scheduling and enhances customer communication. It integrates with Salesforce Scheduler and enables customers to access your merged availability from Salesforce, Outlook, Gmail, and iCloud calendars.

Lightning Scheduler Adapter checks availability in both Salesforce and Outlook/Gmail/iCloud calendars, so when a customer books a meeting with you, there’s no conflict. This mechanism eliminates excessive back-and-forth messaging for meeting scheduling.

With Revenue Grid’s Lightning Scheduler Adapter:

  • All your calendars are automatically synced in real time so that booked meetings appear in all your calendars
  • Add several calendars from Office 365, Google Workspace, and iCloud
  • Conveniently manage your calendars and their connectivity in the Salesforce interface

You also get notified when an appointment’s details change and receive emails and Salesforce alerts about upcoming meetings. In this way, Revenue Grid’s LSA ensures that there are no conflicting appointments, lost time slots, or missed event information.

Note that LSA is a one-way sync solution. This means that if you edit or update an appointment created by the LSA directly in your Outlook, Gmail, the changes are not saved to the Salesforce calendar.

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