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Events Synchronization Problem when Syncing from Salesforce to MS Outlook Calendar

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User can face the events synchronization issue when they create a new event in Salesforce, and it does not get synced to their MS Outlook Calendar. However, once User1, who created the event, assigns it to User2 on the Salesforce side, then such event syncs to the User2 MS Outlook Calendar.

The described synchronization problem may occur when the organization uses Salesforce Impersonation for connection to RG Email Sidebar and the dedicated Salesforce Service Account does not have admin rights in Salesforce.



Salesforce Service Account should be used only for Salesforce Impersonation operation. It should not be involved in any activities on the Salesforce side and should not be linked to any mailbox accounts. This user must have admin rights in the Salesforce system


To resolve the given events synchronization problem, the organization should provide the Salesforce Service Account with the System Administrator rights in Salesforce, including the corresponding license and user profile.





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