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RG Email Sidebar Diagnostic Mode for Troubleshooting

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Diagnostic mode may be temporarily enabled by entitled Revenue Grid Support specialists for specific RG Email Sidebar end users with the sole goal of monitoring RGES components functioning to troubleshoot a reported issue. That is possible only by the acknowledgement of the concerned RGES user or their Admin or another company representative expressed by email sent from a corporate email address.

Once Diagnostic mode is activated, we may access and process additional information about you in your account logs. We may ask you to reproduce the issue and notify the Support team of the results. As soon as our Support team collects enough troubleshooting information, the Support team will disable Diagnostic mode and analyze generated logs in a discrete secure manner.

If you disagree that our Support team enable Diagnostic mode, please immediately notify the Support team by email and request them to stop using Diagnostic mode.

To learn more about possible Personal data collecting and processing by Revenue Grid for troubleshooting purposes, see this Revenue Grid Privacy Policy entry: Customer support.

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