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How to generate tenant URLs

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This article is an addition to the main RG Email Sidebar Widgets setup article. It describes how to generate tenant URLs required for RG Managed Package configuration.

To generate RevenueGridTenantUrl and ServerSyncTenantUrl, you can either contact our Support team or follow the instructions provided below:

1. Open RG Email Sidebar, click the Menu button, and go to Sync settings

2. Next, the Revenue Grid Sync Settings page will open. Find the address bar at the top of the page


3. In the address bar, you’ll see the address of the page. Select the address starting with http and ending with .com/. Ignore everything after .com/


The selected address is your ServerSyncTenantUrl.

4. To generate RevenueGridTenantUrl remove the “-sync”-part from the address and the slash ( / ) after .com

In the very end, you should get the URLs that follow this pattern:

  • RevenueGridTenantUrl
    https://[ your tenant ]

  • ServerSyncTenantUrl
    https://[ your tenant ]


Make sure there is a slash / character at the end of the ServerSyncTenantUrl value and there is no slash / character at the end of the RevenueGridTenantUrl value. Otherwise, the users won’t get Revenue Grid Widget content with no issue cause indication


Save these URLs to be used later during tenant URLs setup.



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