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Resolve an error with rendering the Canvas application in Salesforce

[admin-level article]

[managed package]

In some cases, users cannot access any Salesforce widgets added by the Revenue Grid managed package. Instead, they see the following error message:

Ooops, there was an error rendering Canvas application [InvisibleSuite].
You don’t have permissions to view application [InvisibleSuite]. Please contact your system administrator to grant you access to this application.

This issue is caused by a lack of permissions/authorizations for the user or a group of users to access Revenue Grid widgets (InvisibleSuite is an old brand name of Revenue Grid)

To provide the necessary permissions to such users:

  1. Log in to Salesforce Lightning with admin credentials

  2. Click on the Gear ⚙ icon and select Setup

  1. In the Quick Search field, type “App Manager

  1. Find Revenue Inbox for Salesforce on the list

  2. Click on the down arrow button

  3. Click Manage

  1. On the newly opened page, scroll down to the Profiles section

  2. Click Manage Profiles

  1. Select User Profiles that should be able to access RG widgets. Make sure to include the User Profile to which belong the users who faced the error described above.

  2. Click Save to enforce the changes

After granting the required access permissions to the affected user profiles, users can access RG widgets and work with them in Salesforce as expected.

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