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Sending and Receiving 360 Degree SMS from the Sidebar

For users of the Email Sidebar on:


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360 Degree SMS App integration in RG Email Sidebar, allows you to effectively and seamlessly expand your email business correspondence within a new dimension – mobile SMS communication right from your email client. With this feature, you can both send and receive SMS from your MS Outlook or Gmail box based on your emails or calendar items and Salesforce records, instantly registering them in the CRM.


What the 360 Degree SMS feature offers:

  • 90% SMS read rate, 50% response rate
  • The service is available in 159 world countries and multi-language compatible
  • Send SMS to a Lead, Contact, or any custom object that includes a mobile phone number
  • 2-way communication: sending as well as receiving messages within Salesforce
  • Both SMS and email templates can be used in your messages
  • Email alert to the object owner on incoming SMS
  • Store text messages and MMS in Salesforce
  • Email reply to an incoming SMS notification will be converted to an SMS response
  • Can be used with calendar items as effectively as with email messages

Please refer to this guide for information on how to set up 360 Degree SMS in your Salesforce.


Common 360 Degree SMS Use Scenarios:

  • Meeting/call organization and sending out reminders
  • Sales, recruiting, mortgage, insurance, drip campaigns, surveys
  • Lead capture/qualification, on-site service technician alerts
  • Any other applications you might have for text messaging


360 Degree SMS is implemented in RG Email Sidebar as an action button Send SMS in the custom buttons picklist opened by clicking the icon that appears next to the record’s name when you hover mouse over the record’s header in the Sidebar.


After you click this item in the picklist, 360 Degree SMS window will be opened in Salesforce:

>>> Click to see a screenshot <<<


When the recipient responds to the SMS, you will the response in your mailbox converted to an email message:


This way you can combine email and SMS communication at any stages of your customer handling cycle, all within the same Email client ↔ Salesforce RGES framework.



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