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How to Set Up Country Code Picklist in the Sidebar

For users of the Email Sidebar on:


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If your Salesforce Org configuration includes the Country picklist for Contact objects, the picklist will not be displayed in RG Email Sidebar for such objects out-of-the-box.

To get the picklist listed in the Sidebar, do the following:

1. Open RGES Customization settings

2. On the page’s central pane, find the object type Contact

3. Click Detailed view at the bottom of the object’s tab. The “Contact - Fields to be available in sidebar Add-In” dialog will appear

4. Type “Mailing Country Code (Picklist)” in the Filter field and click + to add it. The field’s name is not intuitive but that’s the required picklist

5. Apply the updated settings by clicking Save in the upper right corned of the Customization settings page


Now, after your reopen MS Outlook, the Mailing Country Code picklist will be present in the Sidebar for opened Contact objects.


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