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Supported Email Clients for Gmail and Google Workspace (G Suite) Mail Services

For users of the Email Sidebar on:


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RG Email Sidebar can work with Gmail and G Guite servers only through the dedicated Chrome Browser Extension that is added to Gmail / Google Workspace (G Suite) web interface. See this article for more information.


The Extension works Google Chrome browser or a browser based on Chromium engine. It is as cross-platform as the Chrome browser itself, so you can use it in Windows 7 and later, MacOS 10.10 and later, Android KitKat and later, iOS 11 and later, Linux, Ubuntu, Chrome OS, etc.

You can effectively run it on tablet devices, but please note that the Extension’s rendering is not specifically optimized for using it on mobile phone screens.

The prerequisites to use the RG Chrome Extension for Salesforce and Gmail:

  • The latest update of Google Chrome or a Chromium based browser available for your operating system
  • A corporate Gmail / Google Workspace (G Suite) account
  • A Salesforce account
  • Internet connection



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