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Working with Emails via Exchange Delegated Access



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Also see this UVM article to learn how to configure and work with Delegated mailbox access


MS Exchange Delegated (Shared) email access allows Delegates – Revenue Inbox users with granted delegate access permissions – to read, compose, and save in Salesforce MS Outlook emails on behalf of actual mailbox Owners (Delegators), also viewing the contextual data from Salesforce about associated records in RI Sidebar.
When an email is processed in this scenario, its associated Salesforce records are updated correspondingly, so other concerned individuals in your Salesforce Org can see the changes in the records immediately and react to them. By default, only emails from the Inbox folder of the Owner can be viewed and processed.

Presently, the feature only works over EWS, but not MS Graph.

Also refer to this article for detailed information on how to save emails in Salesforce selectively and automatically over Revenue Inbox.



Prerequisites and Permissions

Delegated mailbox access and Delegated calendar access have the same prerequisites; either one of these access scenarios or both can be configured if the below prerequisites are met. Handling of MS Outlook Tasks or Contacts by Revenue Inbox via delegated access is currently not supported.

  • To carry out scenarios through delegated access both involved mail accounts should have RI Add-In installed and Sync activated, as two separate RI licenses
  • The two accounts should belong to the same MS Exchange instance and Salesforce Org
  • All RI functions are only available if the mailbox Owner (Delegator) grants Inbox Editor permissions for the Delegate, so it is the recommended permissions level
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Also see the section “Supported RI Actions for Delegated Scenarios for Emails” below for details on all available use cases.



Supported RI Actions for Delegated Scenarios for Emails

Delegated email access can be used in two different modes, Compose new email mode (Send on behalf of or Inbox access with different sets of permissions


Granted permissions Available RI actions Salesforce Destination
Inbox access Delegate + Inbox permissions Editor
[the only scenario fully compatible with Revenue Inbox]
Manage and process in RI any emails in Owner’s Inbox folder or in Compose mode: all saving scenarios using the Sidebar or the custom folder/category Owner’s Salesforce account
Compose new mode (send on behalf of) Configured as a Delegate with no special Inbox permissions set Save emails in Compose mode using RI Sidebar or custom folder/category Owner’s Salesforce account
Inbox access Delegate + Inbox permissions Author View Inbox emails or create and manage created emails; process in RI only Inbox emails the Delegate sent to the Owner oneself using the Sidebar or the custom folder/category Owner’s Salesforce account
Inbox access Delegate + Inbox permissions Reviewer No Revenue Inbox actions available, can only view the Sidebar n/a



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