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Authorize Mailbox Data Access via O365 OAuth for EWS

For users of the Email Sidebar on:


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MS Office 365 OAuth authentication method can be used to authorize RGES Sync to access end users’ Office 365 mail data over EWS connection.
This method is also the only way to authorize an Exchange Impersonation service account for Office 365 mailboxes, since the old Impersonated access authorization method with login and password creds entry will be removed by Microsoft in 2021.


Users data access authorization by RGES via OAuth 2.0

You need to activate Revenue Grid Synchronization in the following cases:



In the latest RG Email Sidebar updates the users are prompted to enable RGES Sync for Office 365 on the first RG Email Sidebar logon


Follow the steps below to do that:

1. In RG Email Sidebar, click the (Menu) button in the upper left corner and select Set up sync (or Sync settings) in the Menu that appears


2. Enter your Office 365 login credentials in the O365 OAuth 2.0 dialog that appears


Next, Office 365 will request your confirmation; click Accept in this dialog to complete Sync activation. Your email data accessed by Revenue Grid Sync engine remains all secure and private, under our Privacy & Security principles.


After access has been authorized, RGES Sync will start running every 30 minutes 24/7 for this email account.


Should you encounter the “Need Admin Approval” error in this dialog, refer to this article to learn how to resolve it




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