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How to Authorize the Solution to Work with Salesforce Customer / Partner Community Data


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Also see this Revenue Grid blog article for an overview of solution installation procedures


RG Email Sidebar can be easily configured to work with Customer / Partner Community data in Salesforce.

To do that, follow the steps below:

1. Open Revenue Grid Sync dashboard as described in this article

2. Select CRM in the navigation pane on the left, then click on the circle Change in the bottom right corner of the main pane

>>> Click to see a screenshot <<<


3. Click on the text CLICK HERE FOR ADVANCED SETUP: …

>>> Click to see a screenshot <<<


4. In the “Configure Salesforce access” dialog that appears:

>>> Click to see a screenshot <<<


4.1. Select My Customer/Partner Community on the left

4.2. Enter the community login URL provided by your Salesforce Admin in the field Customer/Partner Account Login Url on the right


Note that your data transferred via RG Email Sidebar as well as your service access credentials and URLs are secured and are never shared or stored anywhere, according to Revenue Grid Privacy and Security principles


4.3. Click on the Salesforce cloud icon


5. A standard Salesforce OAuth window will be opened in your browser.
To finish setup, log in to the system with your Salesforce credentials

>>> Click to see a screenshot <<<

  Now you are all set to work with Salesforce Customer / Partner Community data via RG Email Sidebar.



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