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Notes about Opportunities

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Revenue Grid features a convenient way to leave notes about Opportunities to your team or to yourself.

On the Opportunities page, you can leave two types of notes related to an Opportunity:

  • Note that are visible to all your colleagues. Only the author of the note can edit it and delete it.

  • Private note that are visible only to you. Other team members won’t see it.

Notes do not affect the score of Opportunities and do not appear in the Action Center, they are displayed only on the related Opportunity. Notes disappear from an Opp only if the author deletes it.

The notes are limited to 255 characters with spaces. If you enter a longer text in a note, it will be cut off to match the limit.

Create a note

To create a note:

  1. Go to the Opportunities page in Revenue Grid

  2. Click on the Opportunity about which you want to leave a note

  3. In the Signals/Notes box, click the plus icon

  4. Click on the type selection icon

  5. Select the note type you want to create - Note or Private note

  6. Type in the text of the note

  7. Press the Enter key to add the note

Next, you will see the note appear in the Signals/Notes box.

You can remove your note by hovering over your note and clicking the Dismiss button.

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