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How to Work with Salesforce Reports from the Sidebar


You can quickly access your Salesforce Reports from Revenue Inbox Sidebar.


To expand Salesforce Reports integration with Revenue Inbox, ask your local Salesforce admin to set up RI managed Salesforce package in your Org. See this article for complete information about the package.

To open a relevant Report in Salesforce: 1. Click the Reports icon in RI Sidebar’s bottom toolbar (it is hidden under More…)

2. Select a Report you want to view in the dialog window that appears

The report will be opened directly in Salesforce.



Working with Reports via Widgets in Salesforce

Revenue Inbox can help you to handle your Reports with most efficiency via Reports widgets added to you Salesforce.


The prerequisite for installing the widgets is to set up Revenue Inbox Suite managed package; this can only be done by your local Salesforce Admin.

See the below video guide for complete information about the Reports widgets



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